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Weekend Warmers

We’ve launched our tasty ‘Weekend Warmers’- once tried, can’t be resisted! Available EVERY Saturday until further notice. 
Normally, at this time of the year, some of us are getting ready to hit the ski slopes or having a few cosy nights in with friends to shelter from the freezing weather, while having hearty meals or drinking a few hot chocolates, so we have launched what we'd like to call 'Weekend Warmers'. So, as you can’t get your ski gear on this year, why not get your walking shoes on and come to pick up your "Weekend Warmer" takeaway from The Hub!
Or drive up and we will direct you for some great walks while munching on your HUB Food.

Winter Warmer Offerings:
Fully Loaded Waffle Fries or Nachos Box with a choice of

1, 2 or 3 toppings £8.95 a box

    •    Spiced Buffalo Chicken topped Gruyere 
    •    Cheesy smoked sausage 
    •    Beef Chilli with soured cream & melted cheese

A note from Chef David.....Never forgetting our veggie friends, Chef David will do you an amazing alternative to any of our meat menus, just let us know.

Please try and pre-order where you can on any orders, as it helps us plan ahead and ensure we can serve you and booking early avoids disappointment however Saturday's you can always rock up as it will be bubbling away ready for you. 

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