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Our aim is to bring a wide variety of the best artisan produced food and drink together.

THE HUB is a local food co-operative connecting small businesses under one roof, allocating you a space to promote your artisan produce in a shop and café environment, which you may never have had the opportunity to showcase before due to unrealistic overheads when running a small business. Here, we are as one and all support each other, offering the customers access to high quality unique produce made by our business partners, which cannot be found in supermarkets.

THE HUB is the perfect place for a small business to grow its client base as it offers a platform for you to showcase your produce and tell your story, giving your products the opportunity to be seen in a permanent outlet.

We aim for our customers to come and enjoy the freshness, the flavours and value for money, which comes from buying direct from the producer- this is what makes THE HUB unique.

Are you a producer: Welcome
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