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Ride London-Essex
Sunday 29th May


For now, until we can update this page. 


SUNDAY 29th May - 8.15am - 2.30pm
Did you know that the  "Charitable Ride London-Essex" is happening? 
This means many road closures - One of the roads is the B1008 (Greenman Roundabout, Warners Farm) 
Our question to the locals and our customers, plus the local riders that are taking part, would your family like to join us?

Would you come to THE HUB as a spectator venue?
We are thinking about a morning/lunctime event..
It would be a FREE event to attend but BOOKING would be required in advance (as then we know the numbers attending) 
25,000 cyclists will be passing from 8.15am all the way through to 2.30pm on the Sunday, so a great local event to watch and also support as all for charity, similar to the Tour de France but will last longer.

We are suggesting for those that want to join us, to bring a deckchair, a spot will be reserved for you on the Grass at Warners farm, to sit back and watch the cyclists & give them a cheer or two as encouragement..
Sit back and watch, with music playing and refreshments all day long from THE HUB.
For those wanting some refreshments we will be serving brekkie rolls, burgers and hot dogs and beers, icecreams and snacks for those wishing to book this event and join us-
THE HUB PUB will also be open if you want to sit there for a bit, so a really casual fun family day.

Who wants to join us and book a spot? 01245 527109

You would need to either drive and arrive by 8am and park up (plenty of car parking spaces) (due to road closing) or take a walk to us when you fancy arriving, you will be able to walk on the roads to get to us or across the fields or you can park opposite as Essex Regiment way will be open so can arrive any time if 8.15am is to early (we will give you more details when you book a spot so don't worry)

This is initially to see if we will get the support as a destination to come to and if it is worth us staying open that day.. Those that know us, know we will make it a great event but we just need to know if locals would like to come and spectate at HUB - we will be getting cyclist stop also as we are at the halfway point but we want to know if anyone wants to book with us a spot to spectate? 

To book a spot 01245 527109

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